Ryan Lee – One Person Empire


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Ryan Lee – One Person Empire


Ryan Lee – One Person Empire


Ryan LeeOne Person Empire course is an online course designed to teach individuals how to build a successful business by themselves, requiring only three hours of work per day. 

The course promises to guide participants in creating a business that can potentially generate six figures annually or even monthly.

 It emphasizes the feasibility of running a business without a full-time team, advocating instead for a lean approach with freelancers or small agencies for specific tasks.

The course covers various aspects of building a one-person business, including:

  1. Efficient Time Management: It focuses on achieving significant business outcomes with just three hours of focused work each day, avoiding unproductive activities like excessive social media use.
  2. Financial Goals: The program aims to help participants reach the “sweet spot” of earning between $250K and $3 million a year, highlighting the importance of profit over revenue.
  3. Business Models and Strategies: It explores different digital business models like low-ticket PDF continuity programs, evergreen memberships, hybrid courses, and more, emphasizing simplicity and profitability.
  4. Marketing and Sales Techniques: The course provides insights into effective email marketing strategies, sales page templates, and other tools to enhance business growth.
  5. Personalized Coaching and Resources: Participants receive live coaching, Q&A sessions, and access to various resources like sales page templates and case studies.
  6. Applicability Across Various Markets: The strategies taught are applicable across diverse markets, including health, fitness, personal development, and more.
  7. Real-World Experience: Ryan Lee brings over 25 years of experience in building online businesses, offering practical, real-world advice without fluff or theory.

The course is designed for individuals who are serious about building a profitable, low-stress business that allows for a flexible lifestyle. It is particularly suited for those who prefer a simple business model with consistent income and are not interested in chasing high-ticket sales or large-scale operations.

Key Takeaways

  • Lean Business Model: Emphasizes a one-person operation with minimal overhead and reliance on freelancers.
  • Time Efficiency: Focuses on maximizing productivity in a three-hour daily work schedule.
  • Profitability Over Revenue: Stresses the importance of net income rather than just gross sales.


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