Peyton Fox – Design Outsite The Inbox

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Peyton Fox – Design Outsite The Inbox



Revolutionize Your Email Marketing with the Peyton Fox – Design Outside The Inbox Course

Transform your email marketing strategy with the Design Outside The Inbox Course by Peyton Fox. 

This comprehensive course goes beyond traditional design concepts, offering a deep dive into creating compelling, effective email campaigns that stand out in any inbox. 

From the basics of email marketing to advanced design and copywriting techniques, this course equips you with the tools to engage and convert your audience like never before.

Comprehensive Learning Modules

The Design Outside The Inbox Course is structured into detailed modules that cover every aspect of modern email marketing:

  1. Email Marketing Foundations:
    • Grasp the essentials of what makes an email succeed in driving conversions.
    • Understand the mechanics behind email deliverability and open rates.
  2. Figma Mastery for Email Design:
    • Set up and navigate your Figma account with a comprehensive tour and tips.
    • Create a brand asset board and gather inspirational materials to guide your designs.
    • Learn practical Figma controls, shortcuts, and hacks to speed up your design process.
  3. Advanced Email Design Techniques:
    • Develop your skills in wireframing and constructing various types of emails including promotional, nurture, and product highlight emails.
    • Incorporate advanced design elements like GIFs and motion to make your emails pop.
  4. Copywriting for Email:
    • Craft compelling copy that passes the ‘scan test’, ensuring your emails are not just opened but read.
    • Explore different types of email copy from promotional to nurture sequences, learning how to write for engagement and action.

Exclusive Resources and Tools

When you enroll in the Design Outside The Inbox Course, you gain access to a wealth of resources designed to accelerate your learning and application:

  • Starter Templates: Jumpstart your design process with Peyton’s personal collection of email templates.
  • Copy Pivot Cheatsheet: Transform your writing with quick-reference tips on crafting effective email copy.
  • Segmentation Cheatsheets: Learn how to dissect your audience for targeted campaigns that resonate.
  • Bonus Trainings: Dive deeper with additional lessons on building email reports, conducting A/B tests, and more.

Why Choose Design Outside The Inbox?

Choosing this course means opting for a transformation in how you approach email marketing:

  • Expert Guidance: Peyton Fox brings years of industry experience, distilling complex concepts into actionable strategies.
  • Hands-On Application: You’ll apply what you learn immediately through step-by-step tutorials in Figma and detailed copywriting sessions.
  • Community and Networking: Join an engaged community of fellow marketers and professionals to exchange ideas, strategies, and feedback.

Transform Your Email Marketing Strategy Today

If you’re a marketing professional aiming to elevate your skills, a business owner looking to improve your email engagement, or a creative wanting to expand your digital marketing prowess, the Design Outside The Inbox Course is tailored for you. 


With Peyton Fox’s expert guidance, you will learn to design captivating emails and write copy that converts.

Ready to step outside the traditional inbox approach and master email marketing?

 Enroll in the Design Outside The Inbox Course today and start crafting emails your customers will look forward to opening. 

Unlock the full potential of each email and transform your digital marketing strategy from the inside out.

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