Peter Akkies – Organize Your Life With Todoist

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Peter Akkies – Organize Your Life With Todoist



organize Your Life With Todoist by Peter Akkies is a comprehensive course designed to help you streamline your life and work processes using the powerful task management tool, Todoist. This course is structured into six detailed modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of Todoist, ensuring you gain a robust understanding of the platform.

Module 1, Capturing Your To-Dos,” lays the foundation for organizing your life and getting things done. It guides you on how to get your tasks out of your head and into Todoist, create tasks from outside of Todoist, and process your emails with Todoist.

In Module 2, Organizing Your To-Dos,” you’ll learn how to structure your tasks into areas and projects, making your task manager more powerful and your mind clearer. This module also covers how to label your tasks to track different types of tasks.

Module 3, Planning Today & Planning Ahead,” reveals the secret to productivity—clear prioritization and planning. You’ll learn how to use due dates, work with repeating tasks, set up reminders, prioritize your tasks, and plan for a productive day. It also includes a section on conducting weekly reviews to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Module 4, Integrating Todoist Into Your Workflows,” shows you how to integrate Todoist with other apps you use, keeping your to-do list tidy. It covers integrating Todoist with your calendar, using Todoist widgets on your phone, working with Todoist extensions and integrations, and tracking your habits with Todoist.

In Module 5, Using Todoist As Efficiently As Possible,” you’ll learn how to use Todoist in the most friction-free way possible. This includes capturing tasks quickly with natural language recognition, saving time with templates, and creating custom views to view your tasks just the way you want.

The upcoming Module 6, Collaborating Using Todoist,” will teach you how to use Todoist’s new and improved collaboration features. If you enroll now, you’ll get access to this module at no extra charge once it’s ready.

As a bonus, the course includes a handy one-page Todoist cheat sheet to help you use Todoist as productively as possible.

This course is perfect for anyone looking to optimize their life and work processes, whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or simply someone looking to bring more organization into your life. Enroll in “Organize Your Life With Todoist” today and transform your productivity game!


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