On-Screen Authority – The Online Course

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On-Screen Authority – The Online Course

On-Screen Authority – The Online Course


On-Screen Authority – The Online Course: Master the Art of Digital Presence

In today’s digital age, your on-screen presence can make or break your brand. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a content creator, or a sales professional, On-Screen Authority – The Online Course is your comprehensive guide to mastering every aspect of digital presentation. From camera and lens selection to advanced presentation skills, this course covers it all.

What You’ll Learn

Camera Selection

  • Choosing the Right Camera: Learn how to select the camera that best suits your needs and budget.

Lens Selection

  • Optimal Lens Choices: Understand the different types of lenses and how they can enhance your video quality.

Setting & Composition

  • Creating the Perfect Frame: Master the art of setting up your shots for maximum impact.

Computer Software Control & Monitor

  • Software Essentials: Get to know the software that will help you control your camera and monitor your recordings.


  • Lighting Techniques: Discover how to use lighting to create mood and enhance your on-screen presence.

Microphones & Mic Technique

  • Sound Matters: Learn about different microphones and techniques to capture high-quality audio.

Setup for Sales Calls

  • Sales Call Mastery: Tips and tricks for setting up your environment to close deals effectively during online sales calls.

OSA Support Group Access

  • Community Building: Gain access to a supportive community where you can share insights and get feedback.

Affiliate Program

  • Earn While You Learn: Learn how to monetize your skills through our affiliate program.

Teleprompter Software, Hardware & Technique

  • Scripting Success: Master the use of teleprompters for a smooth and professional presentation.

Audio Capture Device

  • Advanced Audio: Get to know the devices that can help you capture audio like a pro.

Presentation Skills for Persuasion & Rapport

  • Winning Presentations: Learn how to use your on-screen presence to persuade and build rapport with your audience.

Video Editing for Marketing & Sales

  • Editing for Impact: Understand the basics of video editing to create compelling marketing and sales videos.

Editing Templates

  • Streamline Your Process: Use our editing templates to speed up your post-production work.

Bonus Modules

  • Simple Podcast Setup: Learn how to set up a podcast with minimal fuss.
  • Multi-Six-Figure Auto-Webinar Funnel: Discover the secrets behind a highly profitable automated webinar funnel.
  • YouTube Ads Critique: Get expert insights into creating effective YouTube ads.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This course covers everything you need to know to shine on screen.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from professionals who have mastered the art of on-screen presentation.
  • Practical Skills: The course is designed to provide you with skills that you can immediately apply.
  • Community Support: Become part of a community that supports your growth and offers valuable feedback.


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