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Niki & Josh – The Facebook Accelerator

Reneé Dominique

Introducing, The Facebook Accelerator

Unlock the world’s first-ever untaught Facebook strategy that allowed us to go from $0 to nearly $500,000 and it doesn’t require you to learn or run ANY paid ads, ever again…

You’ll Never Need To Spend Money On Ads, Software Or Tools EVER Again…

This is the solution you’re looking for if you’re wanting to run your business on Facebook, grow your audience and eventually scale WITHOUT having to spend any money on ads.

What Is The Facebook Accelerator?

The Facebook Accelerator is a program that has YOU and YOUR business in mind. You’ll unlock the exact same strategy that allowed us to go from nothing to nearly $500,000 in sales organically using Facebook, as well as how our students are generating upwards of $11,000 in a WEEK!

The Facebook Accelerator isn’t like other “Facebook Programs” out there. In fact, far away. We’ll be walking you through everything we have ever done on Facebook, and break it down to a science, by giving you the chance to fully understand how it works and why you should be implementing our strategies.

Who Is The Facebook Accelerator For?

The Facebook Accelerator is a program that caters to anyone, any business and all levels of experience. From the complete beginners with no experience at all to Six-Figure course creators, coaches, consultants, etc…

It doesn’t matter whether you have any tech skills, experience, and even a business for that matter. We have complete beginners who are just starting their online journey, and multiple Six-Figure earners wanting to scale their business organically. So, if you want to scale your business organically using Facebook, then The Facebook Accelerator is for you!

We’ve Broken The Facebook Accelerator Down Into 5 Core Pillars…

To change your life, by scaling your business. Content isn’t enough and neither are software, what you need is an immersive environment & a proven process. The Facebook Accelerator provides exactly that. Broken down into 5 core pillars this program will help you grow & scale your entire Facebook game through the roof, organicall

Growing & Optimizing Your Facebook Profile

Discover how to target your perfect audience without spending a penny on ads. Implement an easy step by step formula, follow templates and proven strategies to define yourself as an authority through simple organic strategies that don’t require too much time.

Growing & Optimizing Your Facebook Group

Hit the ground running with a step-by-step guide to setting up & growing a Facebook group that is going to instantly relate to your audience. Grow your own ultra attentive hub through simple organic techniques, that don’t require you to endlessly broadcast your life 24/7.

Monetizing Your Profile & Group

We’ll be showcasing exactly how we did it and turned both our profiles & group audience into a six-figure empire, and how you can do the exact same thing. Our monetization strategies will work for any niche and any business, so there really is no limit on what you can achieve.

Full On Automation

The reason most of us start a business is to have money and freedom, which is why we will share with you exactly how you can cut down your workflow by up to half, just by following a simple structure and passively generating leads and sales through your Profile & Group for your business.

Duplicatable System

Having a proper system in place means you won’t need to spend any more money on ads. All you need is a Facebook account. No software, no crazy automation tools or any tech skills are needed. We keep it simple

Passive Leads & Sales

Generate a steady flow of leads and sales for any business with our completely unknown Facebook strategies that barely anyone is using. You can start growing and scaling your business straight away with your Facebook profile & group

Scalable System

Simply copy and follow our proven Facebook formula and apply it to your business, so you can start to harness the power of your Facebook Profile and Group, and turn it into a hyper profitable business

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