Mike Long, Alex Gould – Green Gold (up to 05/2023)

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Mike Long, Alex Gould – Green Gold (up to 05/2023)



Introducing the Green Gold Course by Mike Long and Alex Gould, a revolutionary affiliate marketing mastermind program designed to provide you with the complete package for a success in the e-commerce affiliate marketing world.

 This course is your gateway to the best secret news of 2023, offering a unique opportunity to tap into the evergreen market of CBD, Delta 8 and 9, and other hemp-based products.

The Green Gold Course is a comprehensive training program that combines years of expertise from Alex Gould and Mike Long. 

Alex’s journey in e-commerce affiliate marketing began about a decade ago when he discovered the key to success: assembling targeted organic traffic, conversion, and product.

 This realization led him to focus on mastering the research of useful key phrases and finding products with affiliate programs that targeted visitors who wanted to buy.

However, the journey was challenging. Alex experienced the frustration of building websites for affiliate products only to have them cancelled for various reasons. 

This is where the Green Gold Course comes in. It’s designed to provide you with a reliable program you can count on for years.

In 2018, Alex embarked on a journey that changed everything, taking his business to the next level. He teamed up with Mike Long to help you overcome the two major stumbling blocks in e-commerce affiliate marketing: traffic and conversion and product.

 The Green Gold Course aims to make mastering traffic and conversion as easy as clockwork for you.

As a Green Gold Mastermind Member, you’ll receive:

Exclusive Green Gold Product Affiliate Dropship License: You’ll plug into the stellar reviews earned over the past five years by Alex’s original brand, Mr. Hempflower. 

You’ll get a 50% affiliate commission on each sale from the website we guide you in setting up. Green Gold offers excellent lab-tested quality products at competitive prices. Shipping and customer service are handled for you, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

Targeted Website Traffic Clockwork Step-by-Step Training: 

The cornerstone for getting website visitors for e-commerce affiliate marketing is free organic traffic. The course provides expert training on optimizing your website to get free traffic from search engines like Google and DuckDuckGo. You’ll learn how to do things right on your website, which is called “on-page” search optimization, and how to supplement your strategy with “off-page” incoming links.

Website Conversion Training and Resources: 

Conversion is the process of turning website visitor traffic into paying retail customers. The course provides you with lifetime conversion knowledge for any website you wish to create in the future.

Community and Members Area: 

The course offers a community where your training, questions, comments, and community interaction can all be in one place. You’ll have access to the Start Here section, the Mastermind Discussion area, and the Green Gold Training section.

The Green Gold Course by Mike Long and Alex Gould are more than just a course; it’s your ticket to a successful e-commerce affiliate marketing career. 

Enrol today and start your journey towards consistent profitability.


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