Marie Forleo – Copy Cure 2023

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Marie Forleo – Copy Cure 2023



Introducing the Copy Cure 2023, a comprehensive course designed to transform your writing skills and help you create a compelling, high-converting copy. This course is meticulously crafted to cater to your needs, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer looking to refine your skills.

Module 1: Mastering Customer-Centric Copywriting

The first module dives into the art of understanding your customers. Learn how to find the exact words your customers need to hear before they make a purchase. This module lays the foundation for effective copywriting, driving up sales and conversions.

Module 2: Overcoming Writing Roadblocks

Ever found yourself writing and thinking, “This is boring”? Module 2 is your solution. Learn how to fix your sales-stopping writing mistakes quickly and effectively, ensuring your copy is always engaging and persuasive.

Module 3: Balancing Heartfelt Writing With Sales

Module 3 teaches you how to strike the perfect balance between writing from your heart and inspiring people to buy. Discover how to write beautiful copy that resonates with your audience and drives sales.

Module 4: Boosting Productivity and Overcoming Writer’s Block

Say goodbye to stress, exhaustion, and self-sabotage. Module 4 equips you with strategies to write faster, better content and never experience writer’s block again. Replace these hurdles with ease, achievement, and passion.

Exclusive Bonus Training

The course also includes exclusive bonus training that provides practical tools for writing high-converting copy. Learn how to write compelling homepage copy, create a tagline that sells, and use 145 cut-and-paste prompts for high-converting emails, blog posts, and sales promotions.

Speciality Writing Masterclasses

Eight masterclasses from industry experts cover everything from convincing your customers without writing a word, making your copy and design work together, writing outrageously effective emails, turning new customers into raving fans, writing articles that captivate readers, creating unforgettable content, and using personal narratives to write riveting, relatable copy.

Benefits for Students

The Copy Cure 2023 course offers numerous benefits for students. It provides a comprehensive understanding of copywriting, from understanding your audience to writing compelling copy that drives sales. The course also includes practical tools and strategies that you can apply immediately to your writing. Plus, with expert-led masterclasses, you’ll gain insights from industry leaders, helping you refine your skills and write copy that truly stands out.


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