Krista Kathleen – Born To Coach Training Academy

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Krista Kathleen – Born To Coach Training Academy

Krista Kathleen – Born To Coach Training Academy

Transform Your Coaching Career with Krista Kathleen – Born To Coach Training Academy

Are you ready to elevate your coaching skills and achieve transformational results for your clients?

The Krista Kathleen – Born To Coach Training Academy Course empowers aspiring coaches with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to coach at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level. This comprehensive training program covers everything from foundational coaching principles to advanced business strategies, ensuring you are fully equipped to succeed in the coaching industry.

What You’ll Learn in the Born To Coach Training Academy Course

Why Is This Course Worth Buying?

The Born To Coach Training Academy Course, led by renowned coach Krista Kathleen, is an extensive program aimed at up-levelling your coaching abilities.

This course focuses on developing your coaching skillset and provides the tools to build a successful coaching business.

This course combines live training sessions, mentor coaching, and practical business modules to ensure that you are ready to help your clients achieve deeper breakthroughs and transformational results.

Semester 1: Becoming a Transformational Coach

What are the key modules for this semester?

Module 1: The Life Coach Role

Understand the responsibilities and impact of being a life coach. Learn how to guide clients through personal development and growth.

  • Role Clarity: Gain a clear understanding of your role as a life coach.
  • Impactful Coaching: Learn techniques to impact your clients’ lives meaningfully.

Module 2: Being an Ethical Coach

Explore the importance of ethics in coaching. Learn how to maintain integrity and professionalism in all your coaching interactions.

  • Ethical Standards: Understand the ethical standards required for professional coaching.
  • Integrity in Coaching: Learn how to uphold ethical principles in your practice.

Module 3: Embodying a Coaching Mindset

Develop a mindset that fosters continuous growth and learning. Understand the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness in coaching.

  • Growth Mindset: Cultivate a mindset that embraces growth and learning.
  • Self-Awareness: Enhance your self-awareness to serve your clients better.

Module 4: Forming the Coaching Agreement

Learn how to establish clear and effective coaching agreements with your clients. Understand the importance of setting expectations and boundaries.

  • Effective Agreements: Master the art of forming clear coaching agreements.
  • Setting Boundaries: Learn how to set and maintain professional boundaries.

Module 5: Creating Trust & Safety

Understand the significance of creating a safe and trusting environment for your clients. Learn techniques to build and maintain trust.

  • Building Trust: Learn strategies to establish trust with your clients.
  • Safe Environment: Create a safe and supportive space for coaching sessions.

Module 6: Coaching Presence

Develop a strong coaching presence. Learn how to be fully present and engaged during coaching sessions.

  • Engagement Techniques: Master techniques to stay fully present during sessions.
  • Client Connection: Enhance your ability to connect deeply with your clients.

Module 7: Becoming a Better Listener

Improve your active listening skills. Learn how to listen beyond words and understand your clients’ deeper needs.

  • Active Listening: Develop skills to listen actively and empathetically.
  • Understanding Clients: Learn to understand clients’ underlying concerns and motivations.

Module 8: Asking Powerful Question

Learn how to ask powerful, thought-provoking questions that drive client insights and breakthroughs.

  • Questioning Techniques: Master the art of asking impactful questions.
  • Client Insights: Help clients gain deeper insights through powerful questioning.

Module 9: Goal Setting, Accountability & New Growth

Understand how to set effective goals and hold clients accountable. Learn strategies to foster continuous growth.

  • Goal Setting: Learn effective goal-setting techniques.
  • Accountability Strategies: Master strategies to hold clients accountable and drive growth.

Module 10: Running the Coaching Session

Gain practical skills to run effective coaching sessions. Learn how to structure sessions for maximum impact.

  • Session Structure: Understand how to structure productive coaching sessions.
  • Maximizing Impact: Learn techniques to make each session impactful.

Module 11: Grief & Loss

Learn how to support clients through grief and loss. Understand the emotional processes involved and how to provide effective coaching support.

  • Supporting Clients: Develop skills to support clients experiencing grief and loss.
  • Emotional Processes: Understand the emotional processes related to grief.

Module 12: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Explore the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in coaching. Learn how to create an inclusive coaching practice.

  • Inclusive Coaching: Master techniques to create an inclusive coaching environment.
  • Equity and Belonging: Understand the principles of equity and belonging in coaching.

Semester 2: Building a Successful Coaching Business

How Can You Build a Thriving Coaching Business?

Module 13: Setting up the Coaching Business

Learn the essentials of setting up your coaching business. Understand the legal and operational aspects involved.

  • Business Setup: Master the steps to set up your coaching business.
  • Operational Essentials: Learn the operational aspects of running a coaching business.

Module 14: Discover Your Unique NicheIdentify your unique niche in the coaching industry. Learn how to differentiate yourself and attract your ideal clients.

  • Niche Identification: Discover your unique coaching niche.
  • Client Attraction: Learn strategies to attract your ideal clients.

Module 15: Your Signature Coaching Offe

Develop a signature coaching offer that resonates with your target audience. Understand how to package and present your services effectively.

  • Signature Offer: Create a compelling signature coaching offer.
  • Service Presentation: Master the art of packaging and presenting your services.

Module 16: Sales & Discovery Calls

Learn how to conduct effective sales and discovery calls and the techniques for converting prospects into paying clients.

  • Sales Techniques: Master techniques to close sales effectively.
  • Discovery Calls: Learn how to conduct impactful discovery calls.

Module 17: Find Your First Paying Client(s)Discover strategies to find and secure your first paying clients. Learn how to build a client base from scratch.

  • Client Acquisition: Learn strategies to acquire your first paying clients.
  • Building a Client Base: Understand how to grow your client base steadily.

Module 18: Onboarding New Clients

Master the process of onboarding new clients smoothly. Ensure a seamless and professional start to your coaching relationship.

  • Onboarding Process: Develop an efficient client onboarding process.
  • Professional Start: Ensure a smooth and professional start to your coaching relationships.

Module 19: Marketing Yourself as a Life Coach


Learn effective marketing strategies to promote yourself as a life coach. Understand how to build your brand and reach your target audience.

  • Marketing Strategies: Master effective marketing techniques for coaches.
  • Brand Building: Learn how to build and promote your coaching brand.

Module 20: Building a Coaching Bran

Create a strong coaching brand that stands out. Learn the elements of effective branding and how to implement them.

  • Brand Elements: Understand the key elements of building a strong brand.
  • Brand Implementation: Learn how to implement branding strategies effectively.

Module 21: Earning ICF Credentials

Understand the process of earning ICF credentials. Learn the requirements and steps involved in becoming a certified coach.

  • ICF Certification: Master the process of earning ICF credentials.
  • Certification Steps: Learn the steps to become a certified coach.

What’s Included in the Program?

  • 20 Live Training Classes on Zoom: Participate in interactive training sessions.
  • 20 Live Skills Labs on Zoom: Practice your skills in live skills labs.
  • 10 Mentor Coaching Hours: Receive personalized mentor coaching.
  • Six Observed Coaching Sessions with Feedback: Get feedback on your coaching sessions.
  • 20 Video Modules: Access comprehensive video modules.
  • Coaching Workbook & Manual: Utilize detailed resources to guide your learning.
  • Peer Coaching Program: Engage in peer coaching for hands-on practice.
  • Six Private Coaching Sessions with an ICF Credentialed Life Coach: Benefit from private coaching sessions.
  • ICF Credentialing Exam Prep: Prepare for the ICF credentialing exam.
  • ICF Performance Evaluation: Get evaluated on your coaching performance.
  • Private Facebook Group for 24/7 Support: Access continuous support from a private Facebook group.
  • All-Inclusive Weekend Retreat at Sedona, Arizona: Participate in an enriching retreat experience.
  • Lifetime Coaching Support After Graduation: Enjoy lifetime support via the private Facebook group and monthly group coaching sessions.
  • Life Coach Starter Kit: Receive essential tools to kickstart your coaching career.
  • Lifetime Access to Modules & Training Material: Access all course materials for life.
  • BTCTA Coach Training Certification: Earn your certification upon graduation, along with 146 coach training program hours for your ACC or PCC credentials.

What Are the Bonuses Included?

Bonus #1: Personalized Birth Chart Reading ($200 Value)Gain insights into your life purpose with a personalized birth chart reading.

Bonus #2: Attorney Drafted 1:1 Coaching Contract ($397 Value)Receive a professionally drafted coaching contract to use with your clients.


The Krista Kathleen – Born To Coach Training Academy Course is an all-encompassing program designed to elevate your coaching career.

This course offers everything you need to become a confident and effective coach, from developing essential coaching skills to building a successful coaching business.

With comprehensive training, continuous support, and valuable bonuses, this course is an investment in your professional growth and success. Enroll today and take the first step towards transforming your coaching career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Mission of the Born To Coach Training Academy?

The mission is to up-level your coaching skillset and teach you how to confidently and safely coach at the Professional Certified Coach level, helping your clients achieve deeper breakthroughs and transformational results.

What Are the Key Components of the Course?

The course includes 20 live training classes, 20 live skills labs, 10 mentor coaching hours, six observed coaching sessions with feedback, 20 video modules, a coaching workbook, a peer coaching program, six private coaching sessions with an ICF credentialed life coach, and more.

What Bonuses Are Included?

The course includes two bonuses: a personalized birth chart reading ($200 value) and an attorney-drafted 1:1 coaching contract ($397 value).

How Can This Course Benefit My Coaching Career?

This course equips you with the skills and knowledge to coach effectively at a professional level, build a successful coaching business, and achieve lasting transformational results for your clients.

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