Kris Krohn – Real Estate Trifecta

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Kris Krohn – Real Estate Trifecta

Kris Krohn – Real Estate Trifecta


Embark on a transformative journey through real estate with Kris Krohn’s Real Estate Trifecta course, an all-encompassing program designed to turn aspirants into adept investors across multiple facets of the industry.

 This meticulously crafted course offers a robust framework for mastering wholesaling, lease options, and digital real estate, arming you with the knowledge to create, negotiate, and close deals with the finesse of a seasoned professional.

Wholesaling Mastery Program:

The course begins with a deep dive into the Wholesaling Mastery Program, a newly minted curriculum that guides you through the intricacies of wholesaling in the real estate market. This part of the course is more than a primer—it’s an advanced toolkit that empowers you to find undervalued properties, secure them under contract, and flip them for profit without ever taking ownership.

 With this knowledge, you’re set to enter the market with confidence, backed by strategies that work in today’s dynamic real estate landscape.

Lease Options Pro 2.0 Program:

Part two shifts the focus to Lease Options Pro 2.0 Program, where you’ll explore the lucrative world of lease options. This segment equips you with the strategies to control property and generate cash flow without the responsibilities of traditional property ownership. 

The program delves into finding the right deals, structuring win-win agreements, and, ultimately, creating a steady income stream with minimal risk.

Digital Real Estate Mastery 2.0 Program:

The third pillar, the Digital Real Estate Mastery 2.0 Program, catapults you into the digital age of real estate. Here, you’ll learn to leverage online platforms to buy, sell, and manage properties. 

The program covers the nuts and bolts of creating a powerful online presence, using digital tools to enhance property visibility, and tapping into virtual markets to expand your investment portfolio.


The course is further augmented by a suite of bonuses that provide an incredible value addition to your learning experience:

  1. 7-Figure Wholesale & Flipping Bootcamp: A crash course to accelerate your journey to the seven-figure club through actionable wholesaling and flipping strategies.
  2. Triple Private Community Access: Join an exclusive community of like-minded individuals, all sharing insights, strategies, and support to bolster your real estate endeavours.
  3. Lawyer-Approved Lease Option Scripts & Contracts: Gain peace of mind and legal clarity with access to professionally crafted scripts and contracts, ensuring your lease option deals are ironclad.
  4. 2x Live UFD Event Tickets: Experience the unparalleled value of live events with tickets that bring you face-to-face with industry giants and a wealth of networking opportunities.
  5. Digital Real Estate Templates + Weekly Training: Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge templates and ongoing training sessions to keep your digital real estate strategies sharp.
  6. Artificial Intelligence Supervault: Embrace the future with AI tools that revolutionize how you analyze markets, predict trends, and make investment decisions.
  7. Lifetime Access: Enjoy the convenience and security of lifetime access to the course materials, ensuring that your real estate education continues to grow with you.

Kris Krohn’s Real Estate Trifecta course is the golden ticket for anyone serious about carving a successful path in real estate investment. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your portfolio, this course is designed to deliver success. 

Dive in and discover the keys to unlocking your potential in the lucrative world of real estate.

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