Jose Rosado – Email Marketing Money Mastery


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Jose Rosado – Email Marketing Money Mastery

Jose Rosado - Email Marketing Money Mastery

What You Will Receive:

The Exact Method I Use To Earn Thousands Of Dollars Per Month By Typing A Few Words And Clicking A Big, Red Send Button

Let me show you the same strategy that consistently earns me thousands of dollars per month.

My name is Jose Rosado. Father and husband are living and working in the Dominican Republic.

Despite the obstacles my country has placed in the way of online enterprises, I generate well over $20,000 with a simple email marketing campaign that takes me 2-3 hours to create.

And by using email marketing as their primary internet marketing tool, my students and clients have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Consider having a system that increases your income on autopilot while you sleep – It’s Similar to Having Your Minions

I’m not an English native speaker.

Stripe and other online payment processors are not available to me.

Despite these “limitations,” my piggy bank is nearly diabetic. My loved ones are well cared for, living comfortable lifestyles with enough financial security to enjoy life while saving for the future.

When I first showed up to expand my email list in November 2018, I had no idea what to write about or where to begin.

I used to write all of my articles in Spanish and utilize Google Translate to ensure that the English were correct.


If you believe writing is difficult when you barely understand the language… Try marketing in another language!

My email list had 1,000 subscribers just a month after I started.

And if you keep reading, I’ll show you how to get there.

Email Marketing Money Mastery Is A Proven System For Seducing Your First 1000 Raving Fans Who Will Buy Anything You Sell

This course is divided into three sections:

1: The fundamentals you must master in order for your email marketing to work while you sleep.

2: Advanced Tactics and Strategies I’ve utilized (as have my students) to tap “send” and then watch my phone fill up with purchase alerts.

3: Bonus Vault to turbocharge your email marketing and skyrocket your profits.

What You’ll Learn: Fundamentals
The greatest email secrets for converting subscribers into raving fans
The most effective email marketing tool I’ve ever used
How frequently should you send emails to your list? Golden email marketing automation tips for making money while you sleep

The precise tactics for obtaining your first 100 members
How to Never Run Out of Inspiration (what to say in your emails)
The shortcuts for writing emails twice as quickly
How frequently should you sell in emails?
Creating a landing page that FORCES users to sign up for your newsletter.
I’ll Show You Advanced Tactics

Advanced strategies for acquiring 1000+ subscribers and more
6 surprisingly basic pointers for crafting an enticing topic line
The three foolproof ideas you must do to increase your business
How to capture people’s attention and get them to open your email
How to entice people to join your email list in an ethical manner
Have your email marketing tools set to autopilot mode. carry out your filthy work
How frequently should you sell in emails?

Landing page methods that anyone can use to get people to subscribe to your email list

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