Joe Muscatello – 7 Figure Sales Video Secrets

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Joe Muscatello – 7 Figure Sales Video Secrets

What You Get IN 7-Figure Sales Video Secrets :

Lesson 1

Customer Avatar

Lesson 1 begins with an overview of the current state of video marketing and how it has evolved. We’ll go over various types of videos, how they’re used in marketing, and what you’ll need to make a great marketing video that sells and connects. We’ll also talk about your customer Avatar exercise and how to find your niche. If you still need to complete your Video Assessment Exercise and Checklist, we’ll go over that and more as we get started once we know where you are and where you want to go.

Lesson 2

Writing a Killer Script

Lesson 2 begins with the most effective marketing practices and the best ways to use video to increase your ability to get more clients. Before you begin writing your script outline, we’ll ensure you understand how to add the “Human Touch” to your scripts. We’ll also go over how to create massive value and a list of best practices for creating videos to get more engagement and clients. Don’t worry, our fill-in-the-blank outline templates and fill-in-the-blank Script templates will help you get started.

Lesson 3

Production & Setup

Now that you’ve got your script, lesson 3 goes over everything you’ll need for lighting, audio, and other aspects of your home shoot. You will receive the studio Equipment Report as well as the Studio Building Blueprint. If you choose to shoot your videos with our team at the live event, you can still use all of these tools in the future! You’ll also learn to compose a shot like a pro videographer so you can record your test footage. Practice is essential here, and we’ll continue to fine-tune your script as you go.

Lesson 4

Confidence on Camera

Lesson 4 begins with breaking through the barrier of being on camera. You’ll learn how to appear confident and read from a teleprompter while sounding natural. It’s all in the script, so you’ll fine-tune it for maximum impact. You’ll appreciate the On-Screen Avatar exercise and Pre-Shoot Warm Up Routine for simply finding your voice and creating rapport by showing up. If you followed the script templates, you should have no trouble with this. Remember, they’re intended to make it unavoidably authentic, so be prepared!

Lesson 5

Filming & Editing

Action, action, action! Make use of your new scripts, shoot your videos, and get them ready to go. Most content creators are killed in post-production. With tips for shooting alone or with a crew, you’ll learn how to save time, money, energy, and sanity during post-production. Use the Shot Log to obtain the best-edited version of your footage quickly. This tool will make your life much easier as you use our post-production processes to put the final polish on your videos, whether you’re editing yourself or with an outside editor.

Lesson 6

Branding & Design

Lesson 6 will teach you about naming, logo design, colors, in-video graphics, and other topics as they apply to your videos. You can create or update your logos and colour palettes as you learn what works and what doesn’t with on-screen graphics and text. We’ll go over how to shoot or buy “b-roll” and how to use it, as well as how to use a musical soundtrack to enhance the mood of your video. You can also use the Branding & Design Blueprint to save time as you improve your appearance.

Lesson 7

That’s a Wrap

You’ve completed everything! In Lesson 7, you’ll compile everything you’ve learned into your new video Production Playbook, which you can use for all future videos. We’ll review everything we’ve learned and how to make the most of your new shiny tools. We’ll go over the number one thing that can sabotage your videos before they even begin and your strategies for overcoming obstacles when they do arise. Finally, we’ll conclude with your next steps!


Take a look at this bright and shiny bonus section! While these extra gifts aren’t required as part of the program curriculum, they can help you achieve your goals more quickly and easily. We didn’t want to include anything that diverted your attention or focus away from the program, so we made certain that these bonuses help you get laser focus, boost your productivity, and eliminate business overwhelm. Examine them to see how they can help you succeed.


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