Jason Fladlien – Murder The Objection


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Jason Fladlien – Murder The Objection


Jason Fladlien – Murder The Objection



Jason Fladlien’s “Murder The Objection” course is a dynamic and transformative program designed to empower you with effective sales strategies, allowing you to overcome objections, boost your income, and truly master the art of persuasion.

Starting with the powerful 10/80/10 market segmentation theory, you’ll gain insights into audience targeting, saving you valuable time and effort by focusing on potential customers that matter.

You’ll learn how to transform your mindset, eliminating internal obstacles hindering your ability to market and sell effectively.

The course explains why even the most targeted audience will reject your offer 99.8% of the time unless you implement a secret strategy taught on day one. Discover the “Hot Model” type of close, a game-changing technique that could skyrocket your income when used correctly.

Fladlien debunks the myth that price is the primary objection in sales, providing tactics to dissolve this hurdle, sometimes without mentioning it. The unique “Michelangelo’s David” approach equips you with strategies to overcome seemingly insurmountable objections.

Learn from real-world examples, such as persuading 53 people to each part with $10,000 on an experiment without a complex funnel or a polished webinar. Grasp the art of story-telling in a way that outperforms the standard “hero’s arc” narrative, and understand the type of buyer you need to consider when strategizing.

Address the traffic problem with an innovative approach that could increase your traffic yield exponentially. Also, uncover the best sequence for stacking your bonuses and when it’s beneficial to deviate from it.

This course imparts Fladlien’s advice to Russel Brunson that revolutionized his business.

You’ll learn how to sell almost anything to anyone by making a small shift in the selling environment.

Explore when it’s tactically sound to create a disconnect between you and your audience and compile a complete dataset of your audience’s emotions and needs.

Furthermore, the course has a digital binder packed with practical sales materials such as email swipes, webinar scripts, presentation files, and more.

“Murder, The Objection” by Jason Fladlien, is your ticket to understanding and conquering the art of sales. It’s a comprehensive guide, combining theory, practical tactics, and real-world examples, promising to leave you with a skill set that’s both valuable and applicable in any sales scenario.


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