Jason Bell – Birthday Marketing Formula


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Jason Bell – Birthday Marketing Formula



Introducing Jason Bell’s Birthday Marketing Formula, a 7-module masterclass that teaches you how to excel in the world of birthday marketing.

 Each module is designed to build on the previous one, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Here are the modules 

included in the course:

Module #1: Charting The Route – This module helps you discover the best types of businesses to target and what to charge for your services.

Module #2: Finding Your Best Clients – Learn who your ideal potential clients are and how to find them, ensuring you don’t waste time on businesses that won’t pay for your services.

Module #3: Building The Prospecting Machine – Set up an automated system that demonstrates the value of the Birthday Marketing Formula without you having to explain it.

Module #4: Prospecting: Reaching Out – Discover effective strategies for reaching out to potential clients, so they’ll be eager to learn more about what you have to offer.

Module #5: Selling The Service – Learn how to present your service to prospects, even if you’re not an experienced salesperson.

Module #6: Delivering The Service – Gain the skills needed to deliver amazing results to your clients and keep them happy, ensuring they continue to pay you month after month.

Module #7: Advanced Methods – Once you’ve established your business, learn how to turn it into a true local marketing empire.

The Birthday Marketing Formula Masterclass also includes six valuable 


  1. Done-For-You Marketing Funnel
  2. Done-For-You Website
  3. Fast-Track Resources Pack
  4. COVID Survival
  5. Directory Profits
  6. The Hybrid Bot Campaign

These bonuses provide additional resources, tools, and training to help you succeed in the birthday marketing industry.

The comprehensive course modules and bonus materials enable you to build a thriving local marketing business and secure a consistent monthly income.

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