Glen Ledwell and Ridgely Goldsborough – JV Hacking Blueprint


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Glen Ledwell and Ridgely Goldsborough – JV Hacking Blueprint




Boost your brand and propel your business to new heights with Glen Ledwell and Ridgely Goldsborough’s comprehensive course – “JV Hacking Blueprint”. This dynamic program is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of Joint Ventures (JVs) and promotions in your digital marketing strategy.

This course takes you on a four-module journey, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to ace communication, devise effective strategies, progress to the next level, and master your launch calendar. Alongside these modules, the course provides access to a treasure trove of knowledge from a Mastermind Meeting Archive.

Module 1: Communication Techniques Hone your communication skills to turn potential JV partners into avid supporters of your launch or promo. Learn persuasive telephone strategies that work even if you’re not a seasoned conversationalist.

Module 2: Critical Strategies Understand the critical strategies you must avoid that could damage your rapport with existing and potential JV partners. Get insights into what successful entrepreneurs look for in a JV partner and how you can meet their expectations.

Module 3: The Next Level Elevate your JV game to the next level. This module offers the ultimate guide to optimizing your JV launch or promo through effective split testing. Learn how to skyrocket your leads and revenue with the crucial do’s and don’ts of split testing.

Module 4: The Master Launch Calendar Master the art of timing with an effective launch calendar. Knowing when to make your moves is crucial for a successful JV, and this module will show you how to get it right.

In addition to these key modules, the JV Hacking Blueprint offers a wealth of supplementary learning material. Discover how to choose irresistible JV incentives that keep your partners committed, mailing for you repeatedly and driving your promotions.

With Glen Ledwell and Ridgely Goldsborough’s JV Hacking Blueprint, you’ll gain many proven strategies and insights that will supercharge your business growth through the power of Joint Ventures.

Regardless of your business size or niche, this course is valuable in your digital marketing toolkit, capable of making your brand soar.

Enroll in the JV Hacking Blueprint today to start reaping the benefits of highly profitable JVs and promotions!


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