Eli Wilde – NLP For Sales

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Eli Wilde – NLP For Sales

Eli Wilde – NLP For Sales



Introducing Eli Wilde’s NLP for Sales course, a meticulously designed program that offers a deep dive into the intricate dynamics of human behaviour and its implications for sales success.

This course is created for beginners and advanced learners seeking to boost their understanding of human behaviour, aiming to achieve outstanding sales results.

Harness the power of a ‘Proven Framework’ to enhance your close rate percentages significantly.

This course walks you through a comprehensive flow that synergizes with the most resourceful “state,” ensuring you immediately save and improve your close rates. This framework forms the backbone of the course and provides a robust structure to support your learning journey.

Navigate the complexities of human personalities with ‘Advanced Framing & Personality Techniques.’ These tools apply to every type of individual, enabling you to adapt your sales approach swiftly and effectively.

The course equips you with practical techniques to understand and mirror your prospects’ emotional drivers, dismantle resistance-building belief structures, and employ language powerfully.

Achieve remarkable outcomes with the ‘Final Result: Triple or More Your Conversions.’ The course presents an exponential sales process that positions you as a leader and authority, fostering deep connections with your audience while commanding respect. This transformational process will skyrocket your conversion rates and elevate your sales performance.

The course also provides an intensive module on ‘Building a Superior Interior.’ Learn how to use Interiority for a stronger frame that instantly commands respect from prospects.

Explore the ‘Shifting Identities’ concept to enhance leadership and influence in your business environment.

The course also offers a detailed breakdown of 16 NLP Frames and advanced NLP language techniques designed to create a buyer for your offer.

Additionally, you’ll learn to elicit values and needs and present your offer in your prospects’ language. Gain insights into handling common objections in sales, uncovering your prospects’ hidden desires, and using postures and tonality for greater influence.

Eli Wilde’s “NLP for Sales” course is your pathway to understanding human behavior in sales, whether you’re aiming for your first 10k month, day, or even 8 figures in an hour.

Enrol today to transform your sales skills and reach new heights in your career.


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