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Bogdan – Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint

New for 2022 How To Build A Massive Email List And Earn $1000 Per Day In Affiliate Commissions So You Can Live A Free Life!

You may be able to achieve financial independence thanks to this chance much more quickly than you might think!

I have promoted my two Clickbank weight loss systems, Morning Fat Melter and Slim Over 55, through Facebook Ads and Email Marketing for the last five years, and I have made approximately $2,000,000 in commissions.

Below, you can see that I had several days with profits of over $3,000.

Download Bogdan – Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint right away.

And I did that while visiting more than 20 different nations on my global travels.


In the meantime, I developed a training course called Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint, in which I detail step-by-step how any affiliate marketer can generate over $1000 in daily sales by promoting my programs or any other Clickbank supplements or weight loss programs through Facebook ads and Email Marketing.

Only a dozen of the folks I gave access to this training saw incredible results; many earned $1000 daily after just a few weeks of using it.

My most successful client, Janine, typically earns over $1,000 daily and has expressed interest in purchasing a new home.

Her first language is not English!

Chris is a complete newcomer who hasn’t made a sale in over 5 months, despite working tirelessly!

But after implementing my approach, he began consistently earning more than $100 each day and earned the respect of his wife!

Stuart became so driven after consistently generating sales with my approach that he increased his sales to over $1000 per day!

He has now abandoned his 9 to 5 work and, in addition to his business, has enough time to coach his two sons!

What My 2021 Clients Have to Say!


I only started offering my Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint training to the public in March 2021. Therefore I requested some of my clients to publish their results and feedback about my training in our private Facebook group!

With Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint, you get everything you need to make at least $1000 daily.

You’ll have complete access to my entire system, which includes tens of videos and done-for-you landing sites, advertisements with creatives, and copy-and-paste email swipes… You’ll be making money in no time!

Simply put it into action!

I’ll offer some examples of my finest campaigns in the introduction module, and then we’ll talk about mindset, and I’ll give you a formula to establish a mindset that will help you succeed with my approach.


In module #1, we’ll set up your business and create your Clickbank account alongside your online banking accounts, set up your Facebook business manager, Fb page by the new Facebook regulations, pixel, your first ad account and warm it up, and create a website that Facebook will love!

In module #2, we’ll locate your most significant advertising account – the one with the lowest cost per purchase – and I’ll reveal my secret method for doing so!

Many individuals abandon Facebook ads because not all ad accounts are created equal!

You can place the identical ad with the same targeting in two different accounts and lose money in one while making 300% ROI in the other. This method will provide you with an incredible advantage!

Then I’ll show you how to hide your affiliate links, which will keep your Facebook accounts from being disabled.

Then, you’ll begin configuring your autoresponder system.

In module #3, I’ll show you how to make the most outstanding images for Facebook ads, generating a CTR of more than 10-12% in conversion campaigns. You’ll also receive my most excellent photographs and my Fiverr artist link.

Then I’ll show you my two formulae for ad and headline copy and a few samples of my best advertising.

Then, we’ll build your landing page, integrate it with Aweber, and configure your autoresponder for the first seven days. Everything has already been done for you; all you have to do is copy and paste.

Then, on your most OK ad account, we’ll launch your first buy campaign, and I’ll show you a hidden strategy that will force Facebook’s algorithm to provide you with cheap leads and even purchases from day one.

Then, I’ll show you how to validate your Business Manager and obtain more ad accounts from Facebook, as well as how to construct a video version of the ad so that you may minimize your cost per 1000 impressions on Facebook while increasing your link CTR by at least 2%.

In module 4, I’ll show you how to optimize your ads and target various audiences to reach buyers.

I go through the process of making the first 100 purchases in roughly ten videos. After completing Module 4, you will be an expert in Facebook marketing.

Download Bogdan – Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint right now.

In lesson #5, I’ll teach you how to increase purchases on the winning demographics by leveraging the video version of the ad and retargeting – the most straightforward approach to attract people into your funnels for less than $1 per lead on conversion campaigns with a buy goal!

In module 6, I’ll teach you how to scale your winning advertising up to $1000 daily.

I purchased all of the Clickbank and Facebook training that were released in 2020, and AFFILIATE MARKETING FREEDOM BLUEPRINT is by far the most detailed and easy to follow the training, capable of transforming even the most cognitively challenged individual into a financially free Facebook marketing master!

You will also receive:

BONUS #1: Three of my most profitable campaigns from the 1990s ($1997)

Each of these has earned me up to $100,000, and I will provide you with the advertisements and landing page and log into my Facebook account to show you everything: from targeting to the number of purchases!

You could replicate these and start making money right now if you wanted to!

Bonus #2: My top 300 photos and films earned me close to 10% link CTR and cost me about $10,000 to have generated for me (1997).

Bonus #3: All of the landing pages I used and the ability to import them into your Leadpages account with a single click ($1997).

Bonus #4: My Morning Fat Melter autoresponder and broadcast sequence for 30 days, with advertorials and testimonials from my clients, bringing my ROI close to 300% even as we speak! This is responsible for more than 60% of my $2 million commissions, and it will make your business successful right away! ($4997).

You can import it with a single click into your Aweber account; it just takes 10 minutes to add your affiliate links.

As you can see below, these emails are so wonderful that ladies over 50 can’t stop buying!

These are only a few examples…

Can you imagine how much money you could make if you followed the entire 30-day sequence?

Bonus #5: How I Made $1,997 in One Week With My Slim Over 55 Offer

When I first launched Slim Over 55, I made over $12,000 in the first week. If you join now, I’ll show you how I achieved it.

You’ll have access to all of my Facebook advertisements, landing pages, and targeting that I used to make so much money so quickly!

Bonus #6: Case Study: How I Turned $1000 Into $13,000 in Commissions ($2,997)

This is a case study I completed a few months ago…

I ran a 7-video series with a Facebook audience and made $13,000 in commissions on a $1000 ad spend.

I’ll walk you through the process and provide you with all of the content you’ll need for Facebook advertisements and landing pages!

Bonus #7: Morning Fat Melter & Slim Over 55 ($997): 90% Commission

Normally, only affiliates who generate 50 sales per day receive a 75% to 90% boost; however, you will receive this boost as well!

Simply by selling the first 50 Morning Fat Melter and Slim Over 55 products, you will recoup your investment in this training!

AS YOU CAN SEE, Affiliate Marketing Freedom Blueprint is an extremely useful and one-of-a-kind training since it includes everything you need to succeed, and the folks who received access to it paid me $1997.



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