Bob Serling – Multi-Licensing Framework

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Bob Serling – Multi-Licensing Framework

Bob Serling – Multi-Licensing Framework


Discover the Power of Multi-Licensing with Bob Serling’s Framework

Unlock new revenue streams and maximize the potential of your intellectual property with Bob Serling’s Multi-Licensing Framework. This comprehensive course teaches you how to leverage your existing IP to generate significant income with minimal risk and cost. Here’s why this course is a game-changer for entrepreneurs and business owners.

What is the Multi-Licensing Framework?

Bob Serling’s Multi-Licensing Framework is a detailed blueprint for identifying, developing, and licensing your intellectual property (IP). 

The framework reveals how to determine the best IP for any market, ensuring you can license your IP multiple times and create consistent revenue. This approach includes a powerful IP Inventory Tool that helps you uncover valuable IP assets you might be overlooking.

How to Identify and Develop IP for Licensing

What Makes a Good IP for Licensing?

A critical aspect of successful multi-licensing is identifying the right IP for the right market. Serling’s IP Inventory Tool simplifies this process, allowing you to pinpoint lucrative IP within 10 to 20 minutes.

 Understanding the existing forms of IP in your business is crucial, as many entrepreneurs already have 5 to 10 forms of IP that can be licensed.

How to Format Your IP for Maximum Appeal?

Formatting your IP correctly is essential for its appeal in the market. The course covers at least a dozen formatting options and guides you in choosing the ideal format for your specific IP, ensuring it can be licensed hundreds or even thousands of times.

Proving and Packaging Your IP

How to Prove Your IP Will Sell?

Proving that your IP will sell is vital. This section of the course teaches you how to generate proof of demand for your IP and even get paid $40,000 to $130,000 in the process. This step is crucial for securing licensing deals.

What Should Be Included in a Licensing Package?

Creating a comprehensive licensing package is key to your success. The course details the components needed to make it easy for licensees to succeed, maximizing your royalties and ensuring smooth transactions.

Identifying and Approaching Potential Licensees

Who Are Your Ideal Licensees?

Identifying the ideal prospects for your IP is essential for closing deals quickly and increasing commissions. The course offers three foolproof methods to identify these licensees in just 15 minutes.

How to Approach Potential Licensees?

Knowing how to approach potential licensees can make or break your deal. The course examines the best methods for initial contact, whether through email, webinars, or video sales letters, depending on the type of IP and the prospects.

Financial Aspects of Licensing

How to Set and Collect Licensing Fees?

Determining the right licensing fee is often confusing. The course guides you through setting fees that licensees will find attractive and helps you choose the best payment schedule—monthly, quarterly, or annually. Additionally, it provides a simple process to ensure you get paid on time, every time.

Case Studies and Real-World Applications

The course includes several case studies showcasing the success of Serling’s Multi-Licensing Framework. From a small company adding $720k in profits by licensing a recipe to a client making $1 million in the first month, these examples illustrate the framework’s potential.

Summary of Key Takeaways

  • Identify and develop the right IP for any market.
  • Format IP to maximize its licensing potential.
  • Prove your IP’s marketability and get paid in the process.
  • Create comprehensive licensing packages.
  • Identify and approach ideal licensees effectively.
  • Set and collect licensing fees smoothly.
  • Learn from real-world success stories.

Bob Serling’s Multi-Licensing Framework offers a step-by-step guide to turning your intellectual property into a significant income stream. Enroll now to start licensing your IP and unlock new revenue opportunities!

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