Bob Proctor – The NEW Lead the Field Coaching Program

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Bob Proctor – The NEW Lead the Field Coaching Program




Welcome to the newly developed course, Bob Proctor – The NEW Lead the Field Coaching Program. Designed to enrich and enlighten, this course draws wisdom from Earl Nightingale’s outstanding work, “Lead the Field”, complemented by the unique insights of Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. 

This online learning experience is curated to empower individuals, fostering personal and professional growth.

The course offers an expansive structure comprising 24 video lessons, enhancing your learning journey.

 These lessons offer a deep dive into the timeless knowledge encapsulated within Lead the Field, punctuated with pertinent insights from Bob and Sandy. 

You can engage with the material on a multidimensional level, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of each lesson.

Complementing the video lessons are 12 audio downloads, available every ten days. Bob’s thoughtful examination and expansion of Earl’s original lessons serve as a unique auditory aid to deepen your comprehension. 

These resources provide a flexible learning experience, enabling you to listen and study at your own pace, stimulating reflective thought and a more profound understanding.

A complete action planner accompanies each new audio lesson to augment the learning process. 

This print-ready tool empowers you to jot down notes and capture those pivotal “ah-ha” moments that ignite transformative change.

Uniquely designed for today’s digital age, the program is accessible anywhere, anytime, from any device with an internet connection. This mobile-friendly approach encourages the daily repetitious study of the right ideas, fostering habits that can benefit you for a lifetime.

In addition, the course includes four interactive Q&A webinars with Bob and Sandy. These sessions are designed to answer your pressing questions directly, ensuring a smooth progression through the course material.

As a member of The NEW Lead the Field Coaching Program, you will become part of a thriving community of like-minded learners.

 Engage in enlightening discussions on each lesson with peers equally focused on experiencing exponential results from the program.

The program is characterized by its commitment to support. As a member of the PGI Family, you are never alone in your learning journey. We stand by you every step of the way, fostering an environment conducive to effective learning and growth.

Bob Proctor’s NEW Lead, the Field Coaching Program, is more than just a course. 

It’s a life-changing learning experience, offering benefits that extend far beyond the completion of the program.

 Enrol today and embark on an educational journey that will echo through your personal and professional life.

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