Alex Fedotoff – 7-Figure Media Buyer Training for Facebook

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Learn How To Run Facebook Ads (For Any Ecom Business And Any Skill Level) In 2022

Begin scaling immediately.

  • 10 Videos With Detailed And Step-by-Step Instructions Inside Facebook Ads Accounts Spending $1000 – $10,000 Per Day Learn how my media buyers run advertising from 0 to a certain level (and beyond)! (nearly 6 hours of behind-the-scenes information)
  • I’ll Give You a Complete Mindset Shift Training! How to succeed as an entrepreneur by cultivating the correct mindset! (2+ hours of Zen-eCommerce instruction)
  • Training Tasks and Cheatsheets for Every Lesson! Those cheatsheets enable us to spend $3,000,000 – $5,000,000 each month across all Facebook ad accounts, resulting in a 2X+ ROAS (repeat our steps as you watch and succeed)
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Ads Troubleshooting, from Banned Accounts to Content Sources! (1+ hour of procedures to follow to ensure you have no issues using Facebook as a platform)

Be the first to learn how my media buyers and I make $100,000 per day.

We’ve spent more than $30 million testing Facebook ad campaigns on our own and clients’ accounts over the last year. Looking back, we’ve made numerous errors. We’ve tested things we shouldn’t have, waited too long for campaigns and ad sets to “optimize,” and attempted to grow campaigns that weren’t scalable.

What’s the advantage? You don’t have to make all of the Facebook ad mistakes since we’ve already made them Alex Fedotoff 7-Figure Media Buyer Training for Facebook!

From the comfort of your own home, you can discover the finest tactics for testing, optimizing, and scaling your Facebook advertisements.

How much will it set you back?

My clients pay me upwards of $20,000 a month to plan and scale their Facebook ad campaigns.

My consulting clients pay upwards of $30,000 a year for access to my most successful frameworks and strategies.

If you wanted to schedule a one-hour consulting call with me, the cost would be $3,295 and you’d have to wait two weeks.

With the 7-Figure Media Buyer course, you no longer have to pay $30,000, $20,000, or even $3,000.

  • You can use it to run advertising for yourself as a business owner!
  • You can use it as a training framework for new media buyers if you’re a media buying agency.
  • You may use it to have your staff manage your Facebook ads!

Here’s Just The Part Of What’s Included


PART 1: 7-Figure Media Buyer In The Making

  • Lesson 1. Foundations – How to Find a Perfect Media Buyer for Yourself (I use this method to hire MY media buyers)
  • Lesson 2. Day 1 – Facebook Ads Manager – Get to Know the Layout and ALL the Nitty-Gritty Details about WHAT is Fb Ads
  • Lesson3. Day 2 – Interest Testing – 3 Best Strategies to Utilize for Interest Targeting (Follow Them Click-By-Click)
  • ​Lesson4 Part1. Day 3 – FULL Ads Creation Setup – How to Make ads that SELL
  • ​Lesson4 Part 2. Day 4 – FULL Ads Creation Setup – Make Ads that SELL by Yourself
  • ​Lesson 5 Part 1. Day 5 – Expert LLA Creation Framework – What LLAs to Use and HOW to Make them
  • ​Lesson 5 Part 2. Day 6 – Expert LLA Utilization Framework – How to Structure Campaigns Built from LLA audiences
  • ​Lesson 6. Day 7 – The Ultimate RETARGETING Formula – Make a 5+ ROAS Retargeting campaign
  • ​Lesson 7. Day 8 – The CBO Blueprint Short Version – Have My Ultimate CBO Blueprint Explained in 25 minutes!
  • ​Lesson 8. Day 9 – Optimization and Scaling – You ALREADY Have GREAT Results by now! Start SCALING!


PART 2: Entrepreneurial Mindset Shift Paradigm

  • Lesson 9. My Story – How a Ukrainian Freelancer Became a 9-Figure Businessman
  • Lesson 10. –Facing the Ultimate Enemy – I’ll Let You Know that ONE THING that Prevents YOU from Growing YOUR Business
  • Lesson11.–Seeing the FULL Picture – eCom Is NOT JUST Facebook Ads! I’ll Tell You What Else to Leverage
  • Lesson12. – Entrepreneurial Health Hacks – How I Work; How I Sleep; How I THINK – DON’T Underestimate THIS Lesson
  • ​Lesson13. – Building With The ENDING In Mind – How to Create -> Scale -> SELL Your Business and be Settled FOR LIFE
  • ​Lesson14. – Radical Openmindness – My Thinking Process Disclosed IN DETAIL
  • ​Lesson15. – Exploiting the WOP – What Is Window of Opportunity and How NOT TO Miss It
  • ​Lesson16. – Business vs. Gig – How to Make a Shift from an Unsustainable Dropshipping Store to a BRAND
  • ​Lesson17.– The Truth About Scale – How to Get from 0 to 6 Figures; from 6 to 7 Figures; from 7 to 8…And Up…Up…Up
  • ​Lesson18. – Profit-Hyper Optimization Framework – The Framework that Made Me Millions!


PART 3: Facebook Troubleshooting Guide

  • Lesson 19. – Have Your BM and Ads Account SAFE (OR have your blocked account UNBLOCKED)
  • Lesson 20. –Sourcing Pages with NO Feedback Score (No Feedback Score – No Issues With It)
  • Lesson 21.–Planning Cashflow – How to Spends on Ads Consistently without ANY Breaks
  • ​Lesson 22. – Getting Extra Suppliers – Make Sure You Have NO Issues with Inventory
  • ​Lesson 23. – Sourcing UGC – Where from to Get User-Generated Content and HOW to Use It


BONUS PART 4: Choose YOUR Online Sales Funnel

  • Lesson 24. – Standard eCom Sales Funnel (Front-End Profit)
  • Lesson 25. –Free+Shipping (Invest to Grow Fast)
  • Lesson 26.–Subscription (Build a SUSTAINABLE Revenue Stream)
  • ​Lesson 27. – Automated Webinar (Don’t Deal with Shipping/Inventory/Suppliers)
  • ​Lesson 28. – High-End Product Sale (Blow Your Margins to the Skies)

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