Advanced Direct Response Editor Training

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Advanced Direct Response Editor Training

Advanced Direct Response Editor Training



Master the Art of Direct Response Video Editing with Industry Expert Jon Reyes

Are you a video editor looking to specialize in Direct Response Marketing? Or you’re a marketer aiming to create high-converting video ads.

 The Advanced Direct Response Editor Training course, led by Jon Reyes, with over a decade of experience in Direct Response Marketing, is designed to turn you into a pro.

What You’ll Get

Module 1: Course Overview

Meet your instructor, Jon Reyes, and get an overview of the course, setting the stage for your journey into Direct Response video editing.

Module 2: Direct Response 101

  • What is Direct Response?: Understand the basics and importance of Direct Response Marketing.
  • Branded Advertising vs. Direct Response: Learn the key differences and why Direct Response is crucial for ROI.

Module 3: Pre-Requisites to Video Editing

  • Getting Started: Know what you need to begin your video editing journey.
  • Roles & Responsibilities: Understand your role as a Direct Response Video Editor.
  • Performance Creative Levels & Stages: Master the 5 levels and stages of creating a performance ad.

Module 4: Mastering Mental & Creative States

  • Developing States: Learn the three mental states to cultivate for optimal performance.
  • Flow State: Discover how to enter the flow state for enhanced creativity.
  • Finding Inspiration: Know where to look for creative sparks.
  • Editorial Excellence: Receive 7 tips to refine your editing skills.

Module 5: Product & Customer Research

  • Product Benefits & Features: Understand your product inside out.
  • Customer Research: Know your audience’s needs and preferences.
  • Awareness & Sophistication Levels: Gauge your customer’s awareness and sophistication levels for targeted messaging.

Module 6: Performance Ad Creative

  • The Truth about Performance Ads: Uncover what really makes a performance ad tick.
  • Video Ad Frameworks: Learn various frameworks to structure your video ads.
  • Hook Types: Master the three types of hooks to grab attention.
  • Video Ad Types: Explore the seven different types of video ads for varied campaigns.

Module 7: Asset Management

  • Organizing Media Assets: Learn effective ways to manage your digital assets.
  • Digital Asset Manager: Create a digital asset manager for streamlined operations.
  • Using Drive Stream: Master the use of Drive Stream for efficient asset management.

Module 8: Editing Video Ads That Sell

  • 11-Step Editing Process: Follow a comprehensive 11-step process for editing video ads.
  • Modular Clips & Timeline: Learn how to create modular clips and assemble your timeline.
  • Titles, Effects, Colors & Overlays: Add the finishing touches to make your video pop.
  • Voice Overs & Hook Variations: Master voice-over editing and create multiple hook variations for testing.

Bonus #1: Live Training

Get live training updates, upcoming templates, and a Q&A session to enhance your editing skills in 2023.

Bonus #2: Scripts, Guides & Cheat Sheets

Receive ready-to-use video ad script templates from Jon Reyes’ own creative agency.

Why Choose This Course?

  1. Expert-Led: Learn from Jon Reyes, a seasoned professional with over 10 years in Direct Response Marketing.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques.
  3. Practical Skills: Gain hands-on experience through real-world examples.
  4. Resource-Rich: Benefit from bonus materials like live training and script templates.
  5. Lifetime Access: Revisit the course anytime you need a refresher.

Don’t miss this chance to become a master in Direct Response video editing.

 Enroll in the Advanced Direct Response Editor Training course today!

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