John Shea – Faceless Product Review Profits

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John Shea – Faceless Product Review Profits


What You Get in Faceless Product Review Profits:

Phase 1: Setting Up YouTube & Amazon

As your first week in the Faceless Product Review Profits program begins, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to set up your YouTube channel and Amazon profile for creating product reviews.

Because you’re a Faceless Product Review Profits student, you’ll have a competitive advantage in creating video assets that will help you earn commissions consistently.


Phase 2: Camera & Video Equipment Setup

You already know that successful video creators build large audiences and create content that stands out because they have the right camera and video equipment.

That’s why, in Phase 2, you’ll start putting together the machinery that will power your empire. You’ll see how SIMPLE it is to create all of your video content with just a cell phone and basic lighting.


Phase 3: Uploading Videos & Optimizing For SEO

Phase 3 will walk you through each step of uploading your videos to the various platforms we will use to help you drive more consistent commissions.

I’ll show you EXACTLY how to use platforms like YouTube and Amazon to maximize the value of every video you produce.


Phase 4: Acquiring Free Products

Now that you’ve established your channel and have your equipment and lighting in place, I’ll show you where to find free products.

I’ll even show you how to collaborate with vendors who will PAY YOU to send you free products.


Phase 5: Automate All The Time-Consuming Work


Building out your video review business on your own can be time-consuming.


This is why I’ll show you exactly how to automate time-consuming tasks like thumbnail creation and video editing.


I’ll make the entire process as simple as possible so you can focus on making videos and earning more money.



How do I download the product?

– You will receive a Mega link in your email or your account page, and then you can copy the course to your Mega account to watch or download it later (best option).

Is it passworded?

– No

How can I Pay?

– You can pay with a Credit/debit card or Paypal.

If the course is updated, do I get these updates too?

– Of course, the same link, there will be a new folder called “UPDATE”, which contains only new files

How do I know that the course has been updated?

– Check our blog or read our emails with new updates we send regularly






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