Tina Lee – Full-Time Influencer

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Tina Lee – Full-Time Influencer

Tina Lee – Full-Time Influencer



The “Full-Time Influencer” course, meticulously curated by Tina Lee, is your comprehensive guide to turning your passion for content creation into a full-fledged, thriving career. 

This course empowers your journey, providing you with a strong foundation, strategic insights, and practical tools to make a significant mark in the digital world.

Module 1: Defining Your Purpose

The journey begins by establishing a strong foundation for your personal brand. You’ll gain insights into defining your niche, identifying your target audience, and aligning your content with your core values. With a clear sense of direction, you’ll be poised to showcase the best version of yourself online.

Module 2: Creating Awesome Content

Next, you’ll master the art of content creation. From basic photography skills to planning photoshoots, Tina shares her behind-the-scenes process, including posing secrets and much more. This module equips you with the creative and technical skills to captivate your audience and land your dream collaborations.

Module 3: Instagram Growth & Strategy

No gimmicks here! Learn Tina’s proven Instagram growth methods and strategies to skyrocket your following. Discover how to optimize your content strategy and engage with users who are actively seeking your type of content. Save time and resources by focusing on strategies that truly work.

Module 4: Landing Brand Deals and Getting Paid

Here’s where your dream of a full-time career begins to materialize. Learn how to generate revenue, find partnerships, craft a winning media kit, and negotiate the rates you deserve. You’ll also learn how to harness the power of networking and build meaningful relationships.

Module 5: Expanding Your Online Empire

As your online presence grows and you start landing brand deals, it’s time to think about transitioning to a full-time influencer career. Learn how to maximize your income streams and identify the right moment to make the leap.


The course also includes a variety of bonuses like done-for-you email templates, media kit & case study templates, a brand collab rate calculator, content ideas, an influencer glossary, a seasonal content calendar, and guest expert lessons. These resources help you stand out from the crowd, negotiate your worth, and stay consistent with your content.

The “Full-Time Influencer” course is more than just a learning platform. It’s an opportunity to build a successful, well-rounded personal brand, guided by Tina Lee’s expert insights and strategies. Embark on your journey to becoming a full-time influencer today. Optimize your content, boost your online presence, and start making an impact now!

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