The Norden Method by Red Jacket Course

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Red Jacket Course by The Norden Method




Introducing the Red Jacket Course by The Norden Method, a comprehensive trading course designed to equip you with the skills and strategies necessary to maximize your profit earnings consistently.

 This game-changer course offers a unique blend of traditional market-making techniques adapted for the modern electronic futures landscape.

The Red Jacket Course is not just a course; it’s a journey. It guides you through developing robust trading strategies that yield high profits without exposing you to significant risks.

 You’ll understand the trading framework clearly with step-by-step instructions, illustrated case studies, and real-world examples.

One of the course’s key elements is technical analysis, the cornerstone of consistent profit-making. The trading market is notorious for its volatility, which can be daunting for many traders. 

However, with the chart reading skills and analysis techniques taught in this course, you can identify signals and patterns, enabling you to predict future market movements accurately.

Market forecasts are another crucial aspect of this course. They provide ample time to develop a framework and strategy to capitalize on the upcoming momentum direction for high profits.

 Detailed instructions on best practices and common pitfalls help you avoid mistakes and focus on seizing trading opportunities.

The Red Jacket Course also offers explicit explanations on dissecting the factors influencing market trends and enhancing market projections. 

This knowledge will significantly improve your timing skills, enabling you to optimize your trades’ start and stop times. Your market entry and exit points to achieve optimal risk/reward ratios.

The Red Jacket Course builds on the lessons from the Silver Badge Foundations, supplemented with narrative videos.

 It offers a golden opportunity to elevate your trading techniques and skills through instructions on frameworks and real-time trading chart illustrations.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn in the Red Jacket Course by The Norden Method:

  • Fundamentals of trading to establish a solid foundation for your trading account.
  • Step-by-step guidelines on powerful techniques and strategies for consistent profitability.
  • Practical insights through case studies and examples.
  • Best practices and common mistakes when applying the Norden Method to real trading.

The course curriculum is comprehensive and includes:

Introduction: Welcome from Gary and understanding why Market Making is essential.

Our Approach: Learn about our First Principles, Professional Standards, Win Rates, the OODA Loop, and the importance of Continuous Improvement.

Our Tools: Get acquainted with DOM & Tape, Watchlists, and Newsfeed, and understand why Every Trade Counts.

Our Edge: Learn about Due Diligence, the Edge of the Spread, Precision Order Entry, and how Frequency Compounds.

Value: Understand how we Determine Value in Slow and Faster Markets, and debunk myths about Highs, Lows, and Levels.

Application: Learn about Trade Setups & Scratching, Getting Filled the First Time, Trading the Chop vs. Moves, and how to trade during Extreme Volatility.

Improvement: Learn about Premarket Preparation, Purposeful Practice, and Performance Assessment.

The Red Jacket Course by The Norden Method is more than just a course; it’s your ticket to a successful trading career. Enroll today and start your journey toward consistent profitability.


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