SMT FX Trading Course

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SMT FX Trading




The SMT FX Trading course content is based on SMC’s popularity has made the concept vulnerable to being liquidated.
While most SMC traders are looking at so-called “Retail Traders,” we are patiently waiting for most “SMC Traders” to be liquidated before we enter a trade!

The topics covered in SMT FX Trading are listed below to understand where most SMC traders are rushing into the markets.

  • Day Trading
  • Fundamentals
  • Higher time frame series
  • Intro to institutional concepts
  • Short Term Trading


Liquidity Concepts Simplified

As SMC has grown in popularity over the years, we have seen increased difficulty navigating markets and selecting the appropriate zones. Most SMC traders have become liquid as a result of this.

With this in mind, we developed a method that considers typical retail patterns as liquidity and the majority of SMC traders.

Access Our Forex Trading Course

Our Trading course will walk you through the steps necessary to navigate the markets effectively. The course covers everything from basic supply and demand to trading and risk management. By the end of the course, you will have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to begin trading in the forex market. Sign up now and begin your journey to becoming a successful trader.

Learn to Analyse

We can keep things simple by removing the noise and focusing on what is important. We don’t believe in crowding the charts on TradingView with too many indicators, as this can lead to confusion. The market analysis does not have to be complicated; by keeping things simple, we can assist you in identifying opportunities and making better trading decisions.

Trade With Confidence

Trading can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be frightening at times. That is why we strongly advise you to back-test what you learn in our trading course before forward testing on a demo or small account. This allows you to gain confidence in your trading abilities and knowledge. It will also assist you in better understanding the market and how it operates.

The topics covered below are solely for understanding where most SMC traders are rushing into the markets.



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