Marisa Messick – Brand Clarity Academy

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Marisa Messick – Brand Clarity Academy




Brand Clarity Academy by Marisa Messick is a powerful strategic resource tailored for designers aspiring to stand out in the industry and attract high-value clients who appreciate their creative work.

This comprehensive course equips you with practical skills to build a solid brand strategy, enabling you to command expert prices confidently.

In this course, Marisa guides you through selling your brand strategy. She reveals her step-by-step sales process, sharing her unique approach to positioning herself as an expert in the field. By making your competition irrelevant, you can attract clients who value your creative thinking and design expertise.

The course also provides a bank of scripts during sales calls, transforming potential clients from “just wanting a logo” to eager clients ready for a full brand strategy.

Through the Brand Clarity Academy, you’ll master hosting a strategy workshop. Marisa breaks down her 2-hour collaborative strategy workshop so you understand precisely what to ask, when, and why it’s important. These live strategy workshops help you identify the brand’s “why”, establish brand attributes, conduct competitive analysis, develop audience personas, map the sales journey, and establish brand goals and priorities. As a bonus, you get to follow along with a real strategy session.

In this course, you’ll cultivate your strategic thinking to deliver an actionable brand strategy. Marisa teaches you how to mine for insights, write compelling mission and vision statements, establish brand values, and position your brand uniquely. You’ll also learn how to identify audience psychographics, their needs & solutions, and debunk the three false beliefs you need to bust.

The course even guides you on how to use archetypes to develop your brand strategy, messaging, and voice. To ensure your brand strategy works, you learn how to find your niche, develop strategic content pillars, and test your strategy’s effectiveness.

The Brand Clarity Academy also shows you how to turn your strategic thinking into a successful visual brand identity.

You’ll learn how to use colour and font psychology that aligns with your brand strategy, tie symbolism and strategy together, put together a successful style scape and mood board, and present your brand strategy to the client in a way that makes sense and that they’ll use.

As bonuses, you’ll learn how to use the one-concept method to reduce revisions successfully and present your brand identity to get instant approval.

The course has four main modules and two bonus modules, an editable InDesign template, a Brand Strategy Framework document, real-world brand strategy examples, checklists, worksheets, and scripts. You also get access to a community of like-minded learners to foster learning and accountability.

With Marisa Messick’s Brand Clarity Academy, you’ll learn to create effective brand strategies and communicate them effectively, positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

Enrol now to start your journey towards commanding expert prices and booking dream clients.

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