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Laura Palladino Smart Social Networking – Are you ready to transform your “company” into a long-term brand?
Get a step-by-step guide to creating, amplifying, and monetizing content that builds a dedicated audience and delivers steady growth.

Laura Palladino utilized the same 5-step I.C.O.S.A. Social Framework in this streamable* 13-module course to help develop a $125 million business.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Social is the key.

“Is social media still useful to a modern digital brand?” you might think.

Social media isn’t just vital; it’s possibly the most crucial component of a long-term marketing plan, and it’s frequently the missing piece of the jigsaw for brands that have reached a plateau and want to go to the next stage of development.

A sound social media plan will enable you to:

Did you aware that pulling users off of social media networks is frowned upon? That’s why they make scaling your ad-to-offer efforts to cold visitors so difficult. Instead, utilize our Engage & Filter Method to segment your fans with content (which social media sites love) and then monetise them with offers using our Engage & Filter Method. That’s how we cut our CPA in half and received 2,000,000 free impressions.

  • Stand out from the competition.

The more crowded the market becomes, the more difficult it becomes to deliver a really distinctive product or service. Most competitors can match your price, delivery, and features, but they won’t be able to equal your use of content to establish your authority in the industry and cultivate a community of committed followers, like BOOM355,000 !’s Facebook friends and 700,000-person email list.

  • Future-proof your brand.

A brand without content is simply a “company,” and a business can go out of business at any time: they have no way of generating repeat sales or expanding their consumer base, leaving them subject to platform updates and algorithm modifications. A true “brand” has a large email list, market authority, and a group of committed customers who buy their items repeatedly. This makes them essentially impervious to market fluctuations.

  • Supercharge every part of your marketing.
The benefits of effective social marketing extend beyond your Facebook page to all aspects of your business, including your ads, emails, and website. 
All of these things require steady stream of new material, which smart social strategy can provide. 
BOOMsocial ! not only generated $2.4 million in direct sales, but it also contributed content for our most profitable ad and email campaigns.

But to do any of this, you have to consistently create content that engages your audience. Then you need a process for turning all those likes, shares and retweets into real dollars for your brand.

Unfortunately, most businesses have no idea what to make, how to make it, or how to best use the content after it’s made.

That’s where the ICOSA Framework comes in: it’s a technology that allows any team to create a limitless amount of engaging content that converts clients into loyal ones.

Now we want to show you (or your employee) how to grasp this framework so you can create a social team that will help your company develop significantly.

All you have to do is commit to studying and putting the information in this on-demand course into practice.


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