RLT – Intro to Options Trading

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RLT – Intro to Options Trading


Are you intrigued by the stock market but find yourself overwhelmed by its complexity? Or perhaps you’re an active trader looking to diversify your investment strategies. Either way, RLT Intro to Options Trading is the perfect course. 

This beginner-friendly course demystifies the world of options trading, providing you with the essential tools and knowledge to make informed investment decisions.

Course Modules:

Introduction to Call & Put Stock Options

Get a comprehensive understanding of the two primary types of stock options: call and put. Learn how they function and how you can leverage them for potential profits.

Extra Variables vs Stocks

Dive into the additional variables that come into play when trading options, such as strike price, option price, days to expiration (DTE), and implied volatility.

In the Money / At the Money / Out of the Money

Understand these crucial terms that describe an option’s moneyness and how they impact your trading decisions.

Option Pricing Formula

Learn the components of an option’s price: Implied Volatility (IV), Intrinsic Value, and Time Value. Understand how these factors interact to determine an option’s cost.

Volatility and Time Decay

Explore the roles of volatility and time decay in options trading. Learn how to use these factors to your advantage when making trading decisions.

Buying Directional Options

Get hands-on experience with buying directional options. Learn how to assess market conditions and make trades that align with your financial goals.

What’s Included:

  • Downloadable PDF Workbook: A comprehensive workbook that you can download and refer to as you go through the course. It’s filled with exercises, examples, and key takeaways.
  • 2 Hours of Online Classes: Engage in two hours of in-depth online classes that break down complex topics into easily digestible segments.
  • 1 Module: The course is structured as a single, focused module that ensures you thoroughly understand options trading from start to finish.

Whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned trader looking to expand your portfolio, RLT – Intro to Options Trading offers a solid foundation in the complex yet rewarding options trading world.

 Enroll today and take the first step toward mastering this versatile investment tool!

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