Frank Kern – The Core Four Program

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Frank Kern – The Core Four Program


Frank Kern’s Core Four Program is a course that assists entrepreneurs in getting their businesses off the ground.

This course provides you with a series of videos and audios that teach you four important things: how to build your list, how to get more traffic, how to make money through affiliate marketing, and how to create products.

Dear Friend,

First of all …thank you for joining me on my webinar. I know it was long …and I hope it helped you.

Hey – you know what?

If you think about it, the fact you’re here is pretty solid …


Chances are, you …

A: Saw my stuff on Social Media (I got your attention, which steps one of the processes.)

B: Opted in for something and became a lead at some point, (which is step two of the process).

C: Saw the offer for this class, which is step three of the process. And now this very letter is a way for me to …

D: FOLLOW UP. (Which is step four for the Core Four process.)

Nothing fancy …just the fundamentals applied properly.

And as you’ve seen …this Core Four approach is relevant to ANY business that wants to use the Internet to get customers.


(You need to do that NOW, by the way. The deadline is real.)

Now – as a quick recap, here’s how everything works:


WE’RE GETTING THERE BY USING A SIMPLE THREE-POSTING SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY THAT ANYONE CAN USE.You’ll build an engaged audience of people who like you… We’ll do it using both organic (free) strategies and simple advertisements. (The ads are optional, but I’ll show you how because you’ll probably enjoy them.)

We’re building an email list of people who really like you.

As you are aware, one of the most valuable assets you can have in your business is an email list of people who like and trust you. Nothing beats the rush of hitting “send” and seeing sales roll in as a result.

Never gets old


We’re not going to make outrageous claims or be obnoxious because, regardless of what we say, we know that most people will not buy the first time they see your offer. This is basic human nature. So we’ll make offers that will entice some of your prospects to buy right away.

And those who don’t will still like you and be interested in you. (Otherwise, they would not have investigated the offer in the first place). They simply did not purchase right away because that is how human nature works. This is why… We’re following up with prospects until they make a purchase.

Automatically. We’ll accomplish this through very simple email campaigns that will drive your prospects back to your offers…without driving them insane. Everything is on autopilot. When I work with my $40,000 Private Clients, this is typically the area where we spend the most time. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to follow up with your list…but so few people do!

You’ll learn how to do it in a way that keeps people buying…while maintaining your good relationship with them. If you get this right, it will be a game-changer.


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