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Dave Foy – No Fear Funnels

Who is the No Fear Funnels Course Aimed at?
The course is aimed at ambitious non-coder, non-marketer designers using WordPress and Elementor. Although, I think anyone working in the WordPress space who builds websites would benefit from this course, so don’t be put off if you don’t use Elementor.
Web designers who want to elevate their business and win better clients. The course provides the tools to be able to work with clients to help them grow their businesses through customer-focused funnels for future growth.
Web designers who want to go beyond the tech and get to grips with what makes a successful sales funnel using a variety of skills such as sales psychology, customer profiling and conversion rate optimisation.
Web designers who are looking to enhance lead generation through the websites they build, without the sleaze.

By working through 7 modules each with bite-sized, engaging video lessons, you will learn:

1. What is a Sales Funnel?

You’ll learn how sales funnels work the broad principles of all the parts and how they work together to create a funnel
2. How to Plan a Sales Funnel

How to work what your ideal client really wants so you can attract and nurture them and ultimately convert them into paying clients.
3. Lead Conversions

How to plan, design and write a sales funnel for optimum conversion
4. Email Marketing

How to use customer-focused email marketing strategies to build relationships and add value
5. Converting into Sales

The principles, theories, and concepts behind successful sales pages and how to put it into practice
6. How to Get Traffic into Your Funnel

How to attract the right kind of traffic to your funnel
7. Analysing Your Funnel Performance

How to track and analyse the performance of your funnel
The course gives you the tools and knowledge to develop and offer additional services to your own clients to help them grow their business. With the dedicated application on your part, the course elevates you to win better clients, become the ‘go-to’ in your field and run a more profitable business.
The knowledge you gain means you can really add value and demonstrate expertise to the clients you work with and form the basis of developing long-term client relationships.

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