Clare Le Roy – The Complete Canva and Notion Template Bundle for Designers

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Clare Le Roy – The Complete Canva and Notion Template Bundle for Designers

The Complete Canva and Notion Template Bundle for Designers course


Elevate your design business with Clare Le Roy’s the Complete Canva and Notion Template Bundle for Designers. 

This comprehensive course and toolkit are meticulously crafted to transform your client interactions and business systems, propelling you towards heightened professionalism and efficiency.

The Complete Canva and Notion Template Bundle for Designers is a powerhouse resource, designed to streamline every aspect of your design process.

By integrating Clare Le Roy’s expertly crafted Canva and Notion templates into your operations, you’ll create a seamless and professional look that impresses from the first client interaction.

The cohesive design of these templates ensures a visually stunning brand experience that not only looks good but is highly functional.

Efficiency in Design and Communication

With this bundle, you’ll save precious time and resources. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of subscription-based software that often falls short of your needs. Instead, enjoy a suite of tools that enhances your business systems, allowing you to focus on what you do best: designing. These templates are designed to improve your project management, client communication, and design workflow, reducing errors and boosting client satisfaction.

Client Engagement and Satisfaction

Impress new clients with a polished and systematic approach from the outset of any project. The Client Welcome Pack and Client Onboarding Questionnaire facilitate a smooth introduction and help gather essential project details. Setting the tone for successful collaboration has never been easier. By enhancing the client onboarding process, you establish a foundation for clear communication and successful project outcomes.

Comprehensive Template Offerings

The Canva segment of the bundle includes:

  • Fixtures & Finishes (FF&E) Schedule
  • Design Concept
  • Fee Proposal
  • Client Welcome Pack
  • Design Portfolio
  • Furniture and Accessories Schedule
  • Client Onboarding Questionnaire
  • Client Handover Pack

On the Notion side, your operational and organizational efficiency gets a boost with:

  • Client Project Tracker
  • Complete Productivity System
  • Budget + Order Tracker
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Database
  • Materials + Assets Library
  • Email Scripts Database for Designers
  • Daily Hub Dashboard
  • Content Planning System
  • Virtual Assistant/Team Outsourcing System
  • Meal Planning System

Accessibility and Ease of Use

This bundle is accessible through the free versions of Canva and Notion, making it incredibly cost-effective. With one-time purchase costs and no ongoing fees, the return on investment continues to grow with each project. The bundle also includes comprehensive video instructions to ensure you can integrate these tools into your business seamlessly and efficiently.

Immediate Benefits

Upon signing up, you gain immediate access to all the materials, allowing you to start enhancing your business right away.

The time you save with these pre-made templates more than pays for the bundle itself, freeing you up to focus more on your clients and less on administrative tasks.

Designed by Clare Le Roy, a luminary in the design industry, The Complete Canva and Notion Template Bundle for Designers sets you on a path to greater productivity and professional success.

Whether you’re looking to refine your client process, boost productivity, or enhance the visual consistency of your outputs, this bundle is your gateway to transforming your business dynamics. Embrace the power of professional, cohesive, and efficient design workflows with Clare Le Roy’s expertly developed resources.


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