Andre Chaperon & Shawn Thing – Art Of Email with Live Workshop

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Andre Chaperon & Shawn Thing – Art Of Email with Live Workshop

Barry Marshall, James Allison, and Kati Kariko had different perspectives on the world than their peers. Their observations upstream led to radically different downstream conclusions Art Of Email with Live Workshop .

Every single one of us has access to the same power.

When we accept that the vast majority of people who enter our environment are unlikely to become clients immediately, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

We can focus on before transactions rather than racing to make a sale that is unlikely to happen (and very certainly damaging future sales along the way).

Everything changes after that seemingly easy decision.

Focusing on relationships with our audience rather than transactions allows us to devote more time and energy to:

  • Focus on — and speak to — our audience’s wants and desires.
  • Empathy, credibility, authority, trust, and rapport should all be established.
  • With no expectation of quick financial gain, lead with value.
  • Regardless of whether or not money has changed hands, treat everyone like a customer.

These activities have three major consequences.

First, engaging with audiences while following the Golden Rule is a LOT more enjoyable and stimulating —

This principle is known as “people, not metrics” in the Art of Email, and it recognizes that every name in your list is a real person with real problems to solve and wants to fulfill.

Individuals like you and me with Art Of Email with Live Workshop

Second, your short-term sales will be boosted (probably a lot). Yes, it’s counterintuitive, yet something happens when you treat others with true kindness. (You may receive messages saying, “Dudes, Take My Money.”)

Third, you’ll quickly realize that it’s lot easier (and far more powerful) to let sales happen naturally rather than trying to design sales purposefully when you focus on developing and improving connections (and other ideas covered in the Art Of Email with Live Workshopl).

The Art of Email, however, is not for everyone. To be honest, it’s probably not for folks.

Most marketers are unwilling to make the mental and behavioral changes required by AoE.

No worries if it describes you. We get — common opinion has a lot of clout (and it’s a lot easier than choosing to zig when the rest of the world zags). We’re all buddies here, and there are plenty of free resources you can use.

We promise there will be no harsh feelings.

If you’re anything like us, however… Welcome to Art Of Email with Live Workshop the tribe if you’re a little (OK, a lot) strange and eager to try something new to get significantly better outcomes.

We’ve been expecting you…

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